Project Description

Wipeout UK was called into a possible cockroach infestation in an office block, and when we arrived we were in fact able to confirm that the offices were infested with German Cockroaches in the office area and the staff canteen. We then offered a cost effective eradication treatment that would be effective, inconspicuous and odourless so that other office staff and their customers would for no reason know that pest control had been called in to eradicate a infestation of cockroaches. We initially carried out a monitoring program to evaluate the level of infestation prior to implementing the white discreet insecticide in the locations such as under skirting boards, in cupboard hinges all the areas that the cockroaches would harbour. The gel combated the cockroaches in a domino effect as the insecticide continues to work through the life cycle. Cockroaches are cannibals and will eat each other which allows the insecticide to continue to exterminate more and more cockroaches.

Pest Control in Lytham St Annes